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Welcome to Calkain Companies where triple net lease properties are the focus of our business. Working through the net lease investment process with our clients is the basis and foundation of our firm. We are America's Net Lease Company!
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The Latest from the insider
by Jonathan W. Hipp
Your Net Lease Questions... Answered.

Find the answers to some of your basic questions or ask a Calkain Net Lease Expert and receive the answer to your question directly to your inbox! No need to search all over the internet for your answers, leave it to the experts. <read more>

The Little Book of Triple Net Lease Investing - Second Edition [Paperback]
By David Sobelman (Author), Jonathan Hipp (Author)
with a chapter by Richard Murphy (Author).

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The Little Book of NNN Investing

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  Calkain has been involved
in over
$10 Billion in Net Lease Investment Sales
and Growing!

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