Build to Suit Virginia

Build to Suit VirginiaOur trained Calkain team can help you if you’re interested to know more about what options for build to suit Virginia offers. Build to suit is a solution that may work for you depending on your needs.

What is a build to suit?

It’s a building designed and built to match the needs of the major user of the building and may consider design, location, and other requirements specified by the user. The user’s responsibilities may include:

  • Locating and purchasing the land.
  • Hiring a general contractor to manage the design, planning, and construction of the building.
  • Assuming the liability for the financing of the land purchase, design, planning, and construction.

When considering a build to suit Virginia business owners can forego the aforementioned responsibilities and work with a developer. The developer can then handle the planning and construction as well as assume the financial risks. In return, the developer would reap any profit that is made in the process.

As a third option, an arrangement for a build to suit Virginia commercial enterprises sometimes employ is to share equity in a joint venture arrangement with a developer.

Calkain can help you locate prime choices for property and the service professionals who can help you design and construct a building to your specifications. We can also crunch the numbers to make sure every phase of the project makes good business sense. We can also look at your company’s future and your options for that building if in the future your business needs change.

The Advantages of Investing in a Build to Suit

There are many advantages to investing in build to suit in Virginia and we encourage you to give us a call to find out more about any of the following:

  • You can have the opportunity to provide design input which allows you to customize the layout to suit your company’s workflow.
  • In Virginia build to suit can be substantially more cost effective than gutting and redesigning an existing building, thus increasing your return on assets and return on invested capital.
  • A customized interior space allows for higher efficiency of that space which can lower heating and cooling bills as well as other operational costs. It also enables the developer to install the latest and most efficient construction materials, state-of-the-art utility systems, and smart technology.
  • A build to suit Virginia companies opt for can reduce their debt position. If there is space available, your company can lease to other companies and thereby generate consistent income. If your company later needs more space, you can convert the leased-out area to an expansion of your existing footprint.

Find Out More

Since 2005 when Calkain opened its doors, we have helped many of our clients make informed decisions about their financial investments. Whether you’re an individual or representing a company, we may be able to help you make the right choices. Talk to us at Calkain to find out more about the advantages of build to suit Virginia provides to growing companies.

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