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Net Lease Report – Pharmacy Sector

Amongst the various sectors in the net lease world, the pharmacy sector continues to be a reliable and safe area for investors to put their money. Factors such as long-term leases with guarantees from rated companies and multiple options for the tenant to extend their lease all point to why investors are drawn into the pharmacy sector. Currently we have Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid as the three largest tenants in the sector, each with their own draw for people looking to get involved in the sector.…

Leigh ClineNet Lease Report – Pharmacy Sector

Tenant Profile – Wendy’s

Tenant Description

On November 15, 1969 in Columbus, OH, Dave Thomas came up with the concept of what we know today as Wendy’s fast food restaurant. From those humble beginnings, Wendy’s has grown into a fast food behemoth. Currently there are over 6,700 restaurants in operation globally, with plans for continued expansion. The Wendy’s Company, is publicly traded under “WEN” and is currently rated as B2 and B by Moody’s and S&P respectively.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Wendy’s

Net Lease Report – Medical Sector

The medical sector is one of the more underrated sectors of the net lease world. That notwithstanding, it continues to quietly provide investors with solid options to grow their portfolio and secure solid returns. The medical sector is a service industry where consumers are required to see doctors and other medical professionals face-to-face, therefore creating a need for brick and mortar locations. These locations usually sign long-term leases with options.…

Amanda WillisNet Lease Report – Medical Sector

Tenant Profile – Ruby Tuesday

Tenant Description

From humble beginnings in 1972 in Knoxville, TN, Ruby Tuesday has grown into one of the premier casual dining chains not just in the United States, but around the world. Currently operating over 500 locations with over 32,000 employees, we can see how far this restaurant has come. In 2017, the chain went private after being acquired by NRD Capital Management, based out of Atlanta, GA.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Ruby Tuesday

Tenant Profile – Chipotle

Tenant Description

Starting operations in 1993 in Denver, CO, Chipotle has become a titan in the fast-casual sector. With more than 2,500 restaurants in current operation in multiple countries, Chipotle is a model for success in fast-casual. Chipotle staffs over 64,000 employees across all locations, showing they are a major player in the food industry and look to continue expanding, notably sharing that they plan to open 140-155 new restaurants by the end of 2019.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Chipotle

Tenant Profile – Tractor Supply Co.

Tenant Description

Beginning as a humble tractor-part mail order business, Tractor Supply Company, has morphed itself into one of the premier retail chains in the United States. Specializing in home improvement, agriculture, livestock, and pet care amongst other things, Tractor Supply Company currently operates over 1,700 locations in 49 states. Tractor Supply Company is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: TSCO) based out of Brentwood, TN.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Tractor Supply Co.

Net Lease Report – QSR Sector

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector is comprised of a variety of fast food concepts ranging from the well-known brands like Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s, to smaller chains such as Raising Cane’s and Steak N’ Shake. This report takes a look at the sector in-depth, providing an analysis of the past twelve months of data.…

Amanda WillisNet Lease Report – QSR Sector

Tenant Profile – LA Fitness

Tenant Description

Founded in 1984 in the Los Angeles suburb of Covina, LA Fitness has built itself up into one of the dominant fitness franchises in the country with clear aspirations for additional growth. Known for their amenities and high energy workouts, LA Fitness currently has 675 locations across North America, with additional locations in Canada. Currently based in Irvine, CA, LA Fitness is a privately controlled company.…

Leigh ClineTenant Profile – LA Fitness

Tenant Profile – Popeyes

Tenant Description

Ever since Popeyes opened its doors in Arabi, Louisiana in 1972 as “Chicken on the Run,” Popeyes has developed into a major player in the quick service industry. Known for their spicy chicken, Popeyes currently operates over 2,700 restaurants in the US and around the world. Popeyes is a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Popeyes

Net Lease Report – C-Store Sector

We surveyed the Convenience Store (C-Store) sector and looked at high profile national tenants such as 7-Eleven, Wawa and Sheetz. We also considered some of the smaller regional chains like Cumberland Farms as well. In addition to these gas/market concepts there are also more traditional gas station convenience stores, such as Chevron or Valero. Even as the automotive sector slowly begins to transition to electric from gas we still see C-Stores as holding their value. We feel that they are well positioned for the sort of immediate need type of items that are for all intents and purposes are not …

Amanda WillisNet Lease Report – C-Store Sector