Commercial Real Estate Investing Florida

Commercial Real Estate Investing is a great way to create a varied investment portfolio and net lease assets are a great way to guarantee cashflow over a period of time. Our boutique commercial real estate firm has been helping investors get the maximum return on their investments since 2005. When you have made the decision to move forward with Florida commercial real estate investing, Calkain is the company to call.

Net Lease Investing with the Help of Calkain

When you make the decision to investigate your options for commercial real estate investing in Florida, we will help you search for the right property in your desired location, at the right price point and an ideal cap rate. Calkain can help you determine which type of commercial venture is right for you. Net lease properties are a great investment and would contirbute to your portfolio.

Net lease investments provide investors with a solid, long-term source of income but without all of the usual management and maintenance headaches often associated with commercial property ownership. Your Calkain expert can provide you with all the information you need regarding the types of properties you can invest in.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing in Florida

When you are considering commercial real estate investing in Florida, it is important to learn about the benefits of Net Lease assets.

  • A steady stream of accessible income: Unlike other types of investments which may have ups and downs like stocks or bonds, commercial real estate offers the possibility of a monthly stream of income from tenants. This allows for more consistent and stable revenue. A consistent income from rental income is more predictable than trying to predict which way the stock market will go and how it may affect your investments.
  • Tax benefits: There are a multitude of tax deductions that commercial property owners are allowed to take that can substantially offset your federal and/or state tax obligations. These deductions may include mortgage interest, property depreciation, and the costs of maintenance and repair of the property.
  • Accessing equity of the property to use as funds for other investments: Commercial real estate consistently provides greater appreciation value compared to most other types of investments. As the equity in your property increases, you are allowed to borrow against the property for several times more than the original value at the time of purchase. The funds you borrow can then be used to purchase additional commercial properties.
  • More protection against inflation: With other types of investments, when inflation hits, investors can and often do face significant financial losses. But studies have shown that the opposite occurs with commercial properties when the economy goes through a period of inflation. The price of commercial real estate actually rises. This is particularly true with multi-tenant properties.

Calkain the Commercial Real Estate Experts Florida Investors Depend On

If you would like to learn more about how commercial real estate investing in Florida can help secure your financial future, call Calkain. We can meet and discuss all of the opportunities available for your needs. Find out more about commercial real estate investing in Florida by calling our Florida experts at (813) 282-6000 today.

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