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Looking for Net Lease Investor Services?

Why You Should Hire a Net Lease Group vs. Retail Real Estate Broker

You have read a lot of news about the benefits of net lease and how it is a great alternative cash flow investment. You’ve seen words like Cap Rates, NOIs, Credit Tenants and it’s all starting to make sense. However, now that you know all of this information and you’ve done your own research, you are ready to take the next step. You are actually ready to discover the wonders of owning and investing in a net lease property but you don’t know where to start.

Many investors turn to real estate investment companies, and that is a great start. However, these large shops can have multiple arms in a variety of real estate markets. It’s hard for the investor to find the right person to talk to about the niche net lease market. Some investors turn to retail real estate brokers and that also may be a bit confusing. Commercial real estate brokers have a wealth of information but you may find a few that specialize in retail leasing and tenant representation and it’s important to differentiate that those services are not specific to a net lease group. Finding a net lease specific broker would help maximize your return in the net lease market.

What to keep in Mind When Investing in Net Lease with a Net Lease Broker v. Retail Real Estate Broker

  • Net lease is its own market under commercial real estate which means not every broker knows the complexity of the net lease market.
  • The net lease market varies from the normal commercial flow that we see on a day-to-day basis. There are multiple components that decide the price and cap rate of a specific property as well as credit and rental terms that help net lease experts determine the risk of the property.
  • Most net lease groups solely focus on net lease. They work with investors to narrow down the criteria in order to find the ideal investment in their ideal location.
  • Net lease brokers are different than retail real estate brokers mainly because they know the ins-and-outs of the market because it’s their sole focus.
  • Keep in mind that some brokers claim to broker all types of real estate transactions but really their knowledge in net lease is not as vast as a net lease expert.
  • Net lease group experts provide you with the best chance of finding a property or selling a property that meets your needs, and acquiring it on the best terms.
  • Net lease groups do not get involved in leasing or representing tenants and are able to devote all their time to you, the investor.
  • Stay away from brokers that dabble in net lease. You don’t need a broker representing you if it’s a “hobby” of theirs. Part-timers often charge a low fee; and they should, because they infrequently offer first-rate investment advice.

When you are deciding to safely and effectively invest your money in a net lease property, turn to a Calkain, America’s Net Lease Real Estate Investment Company.

Calkain’s Investor/Buyer Services and Representation

Calkain works with new and seasoned investors to find their ideal net lease asset that will reward them over a long-term lease. Buyer representation or investor services means hiring a net lease expert to work with you to identify the right property to purchase. Calkain has many net lease properties available for purchase but they also work with other companies across the nation to find you, the investor, the ideal investment. It is important to figure out the criteria with your broker so that they can find the right property. Keep in mind that this criteria can include any of the following:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Cap Rate
  • Tenant
  • Sector
  • Length of Lease

Investor Services also known as buyer representation is one of the two main net lease brokerage services that Calkain experts provide. This means you get net lease specific information from an expert who is always up-to-date with the latest net lease trends.

Calkain’s Landlord/Seller Services and Representation

Calkain works with owners and developers to sell their fully-leased net lease assets. Calkain’s, net lease group works with these owners and gives them a broker opinion of value (BOV). These BOV’s go through what the property should be listed at based on the specific market, stengths and challenges, tenant credit, and risk in the investment opportunity. Brokers work with the real estate investment company’s marketing team to put together an offering memorandum to get the property on the market and in front of potential investors. Calkain’s experts go through multiple avenues to secure the best deal for the landlord/seller.

So you’re still interested in selling or buying a net lease property? Remember net lease is a specific market and net lease groups are the experts. Instead of turning to a generic retail broker, turn to a Calkain net lease expert to help you get the most out of your investment.

Amanda WillisLooking for Net Lease Investor Services?