Net Lease For Sale Florida

Net Lease For Sale Florida

Net Lease For Sale Florida

Are you looking for a net lease for sale in Florida? When considering different types of leases, one of the most popular types of commercial real estate leases is the net lease. This type of lease puts the responsibility of running the business and the upkeep of the property in the hands of the tenant. For this reason, a net lease for sale in Florida may be very attractive to a landlord. The costs in question are usually typical operating costs or costs that help maintain the property.  Other examples of the types of costs the tenant may have to incur are:

  • Utility Fees
  • Taxes
  • Trash Collection Fees
  • Property Management Fees, and
  • Property Insurance

Although it can vary from lease to lease, what the tenant pays will be outlined in the terms specified. If, for example, a property is leased by more than one tenant (such as a shopping center), then the expenses that the tenants owe will likely be prorated among the tenants depending on the square footage that each tenant occupies. If you are interested in a net lease for sale in Florida, an advisor from Calkain can help you. 

Are there different kinds of net leases?

Yes, in fact, there are three main types of net leases.

  • Single Net Lease. In this type of net lease, the tenant is only required to pay rent and property taxes. This is one of the most common types of net leases because there is minimal risk for the tenant.
  • Double Net Lease. In this type of lease, the tenant pays both the insurance premiums as well as the property taxes.
  • Triple Net Lease. In this type of lease—also called an NNN lease or a net-net-net lease—the tenant must pay their rent as well as any additional expenses to upkeep the property.

Can you negotiate when you are signing a net lease?

It is important to remember that the tenant and the landlord both have negotiating powers when it come to a net lease. When you work with someone from Calkain, you can discuss what the options you may have if you are looking for Florida net lease properties for sale. 

What are the benefits of a single tenant net lease?

There are many benefits to a single tenant net lease. Some of these are:

  • The investor/landlord usually has a stable cash flow. Many of these types of leases typically last anywhere from 10-25 years, and when this is the case, a single tenant net lease can offer the investor of the property stability.
  • The landlord has less responsibility. When you are the landlord of a single tenant net lease property, you typically have significantly fewer responsibilities. Instead of worrying about paying expenses—like property taxes—these can be billed directly to the tenant and relieve the landlord of this type of worry and responsibility.
  • You may be working with name-brand tenants. When it comes to single net leases, is it not uncommon for some of the larger companies, like FedEx or Starbucks, to wish to become tenants. This can be highly beneficial for the landlord because when you are scoping out your tenants, you want to look at how strong they are financial and what their credit ratings are. This is much easier to do with big companies.

Get the Help You Need When a Net Lease is for Sale in Florida! 

If you are an investor in a single net lease property, or if you are considering becoming a tenant of this type of property, reach out to Calkain today to work with one of our associates. We can help you when there is a net lease for sale in Florida.

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