Net Lease For Sale

Calkain has a variety of net lease for sale.  The net lease assets range in location, price, and market sector.  More information can be found on our net lease for sale by visiting our listings page at If you are curious to know more about the market, take a look at our top 10 reasons to invest in net lease, here.

Before you go looking at the net lease for sale, make sure you have a good understanding of what the net lease market has to offer.  There is a wide variety of assets in terms of business type, tenancy, ownership structure and lease structure.  Entering into the net lease market for the first time, you should definitely work with a broker who can not only help guide you through all the nuances, but be a trusted partner that can help you examine the various net lease opportunities for sale.

Although in general, all net lease opportunities afford the owner a ”hassle free” investment, that’s not always the case and you must know the signs to look for when considering your options.  The most advantageous, is a true triple net (NNN) lease scenario, or what we might also hear called absolute triple net.  This is where all of the burden has been shifted to the tenant.  Even within this type, you still will want guidance as to the market sector (i.e., auto, convenience, quick service restaurant, etc.), as these sectors all perform differently.

As you look through the net lease for sale, you’ll begin to see terms like double net (NN) lease, ground lease, leasehold or sale-leaseback.  All of which can make for solid long term investments, but you will want your broker to help guide you through all of the different ownership types, deal and lease structures, etc.

A few driving factors are generally considered when an investor is looking through net lease for sale in hopes of finding the perfect investment.  Although not exclusive, these factors are listed below:

  • Price – obviously dependent upon how much you as an investor are able to put into a long term investment.
  • Cap rate – the ratio of the net operating income (rent received) to the cost of the asset (sales price or current market value) and is an indicator of your expected return.
  • Location of asset – not only is this geographical by state, but is the property on a main thoroughfare with a signalized intersection, is there easy ingress/egress, do the surrounding areas demographically support/enhance the tenant?
  • Property type – net lease has various sectors that perform differently, i.e., banks, quick service restaurants, convenience, etc.
  • Lease type – as mentioned, are you looking for NNN, NN?  Is the property a leashold or groundlease?
  • Years remaining on lease – this depicts the level of risk of the asset, will it become vacant or do you have a tenant in there for the long haul?

As you look through net lease for sale, you need to know the criteria for your investments.  Calkain, a trusted broker, can help you determine that and then aid you in the process of sorting through the various net lease opportunities currently in the market.  Reach out to us at 703.787.4714 or being looking through our net lease for sale at

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