NNN Asset Management

Calkain Asset Management is the leading provider of Asset Management services to the net-lease industry. We’ve assembled an unparalleled team of professionals who understand real estate from every angle and can provide expert guidance and management to all types of owners.

Our mission is to make net lease investing as easy as owning stocks and bonds for the individual investor, and as transparent and simple as possible to integrate into a large portfolio for the institutional investor. Calkain’s asset management platform gives investors at every level the immediate access to the critical information they need and the advice necessary to make sound and timely decisions.

Our Asset Managers approach the job as a hired CEO would. Maximize returns to the owners by overseeing performance and enhancing value where possible along the way. It’s a process carried out over the life-cycle of a property, from acquisition to disposition.

Each property is treated like a separate business, because it is. Like a business, there are stakeholders, financial and otherwise. Like a business, decisions like how to be capitalized, or where to do business need to be made, and just like any business, one that isn’t managed well or at all is doomed to fail.

One of the more attractive aspects of net-lease properties is the absence of much of the management requirements of other property types, so where does Asset Management fit in here?

Our Asset Management function is completely customized for each owner. We can turn our level of involvement up or down depending upon a client’s needs or as the situation presents itself. For many clients we just provide quarterly investor reports, for others we are involved in the day to day operation of property funds which own dozens of properties and everything in between.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Complete books and records maintenance
  • Conformity to US GAAP/IFRS
  • Rent Collection/Paying of invoices
  • Annual Budgeting and CAM Reconciliations
  • Cash Distribution Management
  • Loan Covenant Monitoring and Compliance
  • Partnership Agreement Compliance
  • Tax Compliance
  • Lease Administration
  • Property Valuations (Quarterly/Annually)
  • Adherence to GIPS reporting standards
  • Partnership Accounting (FIN 46 Compliance)
  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Market Analysis
  • Transaction support and due diligence
  • Site visits and inspections
  • Customizable Monthly/Quarterly Investor Reporting
  • Online 24/7 access to all property documentation and records

Foreign Investors

US real estate and particularly single tenant net-lease real estate is an attractive proposition for many foreign investors. In addition to being able to geographically diversify your real estate investments; single tenant net-lease investments allow you to do so with a minimum of overhead. The passive nature of these investments is one of their greatest features. As we noted before though, all investments, if they are not properly looked after, can lead to missed opportunities and failure to meet your investment strategy.

Calkain Asset Management takes the worry out of investing your money abroad by leveraging Calkain’s unsurpassed experience in the single tenant net lease market and marrying it with the best asset managers in the business. While we cater to all our clients and customize our services to meet their individual needs we recognize that foreign investors have special requirements and concerns that need particular attention.

While what we ultimately provide is peace mind that your investment is being looked after we do it through providing you with:

  • A US face and presence for your investment
  • Stewardship of any administrative details including:
    • Bookkeeping/Cash Management/Distributions
    • Establish and Maintain banking relationships
    • Comprehensive customizable Investor Reporting
    • Coordination of all tax related matters
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