NNN Commercial Real Estate Florida

NNN Commercial Real Estate Florida

NNN Commercial Real Estate Florida

When you are searching for Florida NNN commercial real estate, you can count on Calkain to assist you. Since 2005, we have been building relationships with real estate investors throughout the country. Calkain is vertically integrated into commercial real estate and specializes in advising investors who are interested in net leased assets with a variety of lease terms. At Calkain, we also work with 1031 investors, sale-leasebacks and capital markets, all of which are on the net lease commercial real estate spectrum.

Our available properties are located in dynamic, competitive markets in Florida as well as other areas. Forging long term business relationships with clients, our NNN property advisors are known for their extensive real estate knowledge and strategy. To talk with a representative about your real estate goals, call Calkain today.

Understanding Florida NNN Commercial Real Estate

NNN commercial real estate in Florida might also be referred to as NNN retail leases or triple net leases. These properties comprise of commercial real estate rental agreements that have been structured in a special way; thereby, allowing the tenant to cover the rental costs and other expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the property
  • Property taxes
  • Remodeling of the property
  • Insurance on the property

Most Florida NNN commercial real estate are single tenant properties with an above average credit score. Because the benefits of NNN leases are plentiful, many investors choose to add these types of properties to their current portfolio.

NNN properties have so many advantages that they have led to heightened interest from those who are searching for options to make guaranteed income without any “hands-on” management responsibility. NNN leases are not for every kind of investor. Before you sign any contract, you should talk with an NNN company like Calkain to learn whether or not these leases are right for you.

Why Investors Like NNN Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Examples of properties include party stores, discount stores, dollar stores, pharmacies, general stores, fast food franchises, coffee shops, grocery stores, building supply stores, convenience stores and more. NNN properties offer many benefits including:

  • They are generally lower risk investments
  • They offer high returns on an investment
  • The investor is not responsible for rent, maintenance, and other expenses
  • There are many tax benefits
  • It may be possible to avoid or reduce capital tax gains on a tax return
  • The rental costs may be lower
  • Tenants are often easy to secure

Things to Consider

If you’re thinking about pursuing an NNN commercial real estate in Florida, take time to consider all of the pros and cons. Furthermore, you should closely review the terms of the lease agreement to ensure it meets your needs and budget.

When You Are Looking for an NNN Commercial Real Estate, Choose Calkain

An NNN lease can be a viable option for investors. If you would like to know more about the NNN commercial real estate market in Florida or are interested in our available properties, call Calkain.

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