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Calkain has multiple NNN properties for sale ranging from single tenant restaurants to multi-tenant shops.  These properties also range in lease structure, term remaining, location and asking price; we can help match any net lease investor to the right opportunity.  Whether you are a owner with an asset you would like to sell or exchange, or someone looking to get into the net lease market, we are the brokerage firm for you.  There are plenty of NNN properties for sale that we can connect you with.

At Calkain, net lease is our sole focus. That means, we only handle net lease properties.  We are a boutique commercial real estate firm with experts who are passionate about the net lease market and building wealth for future generations.

So, why do we love net lease here at Calkain?  Simply put, it’s a great investment.  As savvy investors, we all know it’s smart to diversify our accounts, especially when we see how volatile the stock markets can be.  There are a lot of alternatives to investing in the stock market, but few that match the benefits of NNN properties.  Net lease investments allow you to achieve reliable returns with little to no oversight.  It’s often referred to as “mailbox money”. A Triple Net Lease or NNN Lease is ideal for investors who simply want to invest and own a building and piece of land but have no responsibilities as the landlord.  The landlord need only collect the rent check and deposit it each month.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  But it’s not.

Investors around the world are discovering the niche market of net lease and have been scouring NNN properties for sale.  Compared to the instability of foreign lands, real estate in the US is a haven for foreign capital.  US Treasury bonds have been at a cap rate of about 1. 50% according to a recent report by Calkain.  As a “hands free” and stable investment, NNN properties for sale are in high demand.

The commercial real estate market covers a lot, everything from multi-family, office, industrial and retail.  It’s just in recent years that net lease has affirmed its position in this market, and will continue to be the darling of investors for quite some time. If you are interested in learning more about net lease and seeing if any of our NNN properties for sale match up to your investment criteria, please reach out to us by visiting our website at  We’d love to hear from you and help you get started today in building your net lease portfolio.

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