Pad Site for Sale

Pad Site for Sale

When you are looking to buy or sell a pad site with an existing single tenant net leased (STNL) asset, you can count on Calkain to serve your needs and interests. For over a decade, Calkain has been helping people discover or sell their net lease properties. With a passion and enthusiasm for real estate, Calkain has built a strong reputation in the Washington, DC area, Florida, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. Having processed over $11.5 billion in transactions, you can feel confident in knowing you will be in good hands. Whether you are looking to acquire or sell an STNL pad site, contact a Calkain associate today for more information.

What Is a Pad Site?

A pad site is also known as an outparcel. In the U.S. it is a freestanding parcel of commercial real estate that is usually located in front of a strip mall, shopping outlet, or other type of shopping center. A pad site for sale can be very enticing because of the visibility to potential consumers, the accessibility, and the ease of facilitating different services such as a drive-thru. Banks, fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, and other popular establishments are most commonly developed on pad sites and once the pad site is in development, they make for great net lease investments.

In general, these types of real estate properties are between 2,000 and 75,000 square feet. A pad site for sale can often be leased by a developer or purchased to own. A lease is typically available at a low upfront cost, but the land will not be available to use as collateral should the developer wish to seek out financing from a bank institution. This is because a pad site cannot have a legal address without a building.

When purchasing a pad site for sale, large capital investment may be involved; however, the benefit in this is that the buyer can use it as an appreciable asset when seeking financing. In terms of real estate investments, a pad site is also a suitable option and rarely depreciates in value.

Why Choose Calkain

Calkain is dedicated to helping clients meet all of their real estate objectives. Whether you are a developer or interested buyer, we can sit down with you and go over your needs, goals, and budgets. Our associates can tell you about different STNL pad sites we have for sale, and if you would like to schedule a showing, we would be happy to do so at your earliest convenience. Some reasons why we have so many referrals and repeat clientele include:

Calkain has been in operation for over 15 years;
We are considered to be one of the most successful net lease companies;
Our associates understand the process of organizing an STNL pad site for sale;
We are known for our philanthropy and our desire to give back to the community; and
We have offices in multiple states.

Calkain Will Be Ready to Help Whenever You Need It

If you would like to know more about our real estate services, we invite you to call us to talk directly with an associate. We’ll let you know about a pad site for sale and answer your questions; call us today.

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