Pad Site

Is a pad site the ideal choice for your business? Many business owners seek the location that a shopping center or strip mall offers, however, they need a different size or style building than the units that are part of the mall can offer. A pad site is a parcel of land that sits within the shopping center, providing a separate building but all the benefit of the center to the business owner.

Pad Site Real Estate

Pad sites are usually located at the front of shopping centers, allowing businesses to reap the benefit of the access and visibility to potential customers driving by and into the center.

Pad sites may be either leased or purchased and there are pros and cons to both options. A net leasing company can help a business owner decide which option will work best for their particular situation. Regardless of what choice the business makes, pad site real estate can offer phenomenal benefits.

Besides the benefits already listed, there are also several other factors that make pad sites an attractive choice for companies. A pad site location may help the business in branding, offering a free standing building that draws in the customer and is the customer’s sole focus, compared to the distraction of multiple stores inside a shopping mall. A pad site also allows a business to offer customers the convenience of drive-up services, often seen in banks, pharmacies, and quick-service restaurants.

Successful Pad Sites

So what makes a location a successful one? Certain factors, such as visibility, traffic count, and accessibility to the shopping center are often critical considerations for the success of a pad site. Other factors that a business may consider is what are the anchor stores in the mall and how close will their pad site be to those anchors. There is also the question as to whether the customers the anchor stores attract will be the same type of customers who will do business with the pad site company.

There are other considerations that a business may need to examine when choosing a pad site location. This can include whether there are municipal restrictions regarding the size, height, and architectural design of the property they want to put at the location. There may also be limitations in what the shopping center owners allow. A business owner will need to decide if they can work around those restrictions or not.

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If you are a business owner seeking a location for your company – whether you are a new company just opening its doors or an expanding one looking for a bigger location – a pad site real estate option may just be the solution you need.

We’ve been matching up tenants and investors for more than a decade and will work to find the best solution for your company. To find out more information about pad site properties, call Calkain at (703) 787-4714 or fill out the contact form on our website.


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