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Calkain is a sale leaseback broker with a passion for the single tenant net lease (STNL) market. As a boutique commercial real estate firm, we have grown into one of the largest STNL focused firms in the country, having $11.5 Billion in closed transactions and $350 Million in active listings. Whether you are a private or institutional investor, we are a sale leaseback broker firm that prides itself on delivering real estate solutions that maximize value while building wealth for all of our clients.

Why Net Lease?

For investors who are looking for a safe place to invest their money, net leases are stable, predictable investment vehicles that are increasingly hard to come by, but opportunities for shrewd investors do exist. One of the best opportunities available is an investment in single tenant net lease properties. These properties can rightly be viewed as a corporate bond wrapped in real estate.

· Reliable Source of Steady Income
A net lease in a sale leaseback provides a fixed rental payment, net of all property expenses. This is different than a gross lease in which the lessee makes a single rental payment and the lessor is responsible for the property’s operating expenses, e.g. maintenance, taxes, repairs, and improvements.

· Stable Investment Holds Value
Properties are generally in prime retail areas. There are no tenant turnover concerns or vacancy factors as tenants sign leases of 5 years to 25 years.

· No Management Hassles
There are no tenant improvement costs or fees for management and leasing.

· Tax Deferment
By acquiring a triple net lease property with a properly structured 1031 exchange, you may be able to defer your capital gains taxes indefinitely.

· Flexibility
Assets can meet the individual goals or those of your partners or large institutions.

Our Services

At Calkain, our clients are our priority, which includes setting the right strategy to maximize their real estate investment. SLBs are a growing trend in net lease. As real estate is often the second largest line item in a firm’s budget, companies are converting built-up equity to capital so they can add value to their business in other ways, re-allocating capital toward its highest and best use. Calkain’s sale leaseback broker services begin with walking you through the process to determine the right strategy that will allow you to maximize the benefits of selling your real estate and enter into an advantageous long term lease.

A Calkain sale leaseback broker will thoroughly explore the right balance of financial returns and operational flexibility, diligently set up the appropriate lease structure, and outline the tax implications resulting from the SLB, all to maximize your capital. With our extensive network of professional brokers, our in-house research, and our dynamic sale leaseback broker team, we’ll ensure a smooth transaction.

Contact Calkain today

At Calkain, we are focused on forming lasting relationships with our clients. Our approach to each assignment is with an eye toward each client’s individual needs. Building relationships while providing individualized service has been the cornerstone of how we do business. For a consultation with a sale leaseback broker, call Calkain today at (703) 787-4714.

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