Sale Leaseback

What is a Sale Leaseback?

A sale leaseback occurs when a company sells the land and building used in its current business operations. Simultaneously, the company leases it back under a long-term lease with the buyer. Our target clients are small to middle market companies with revenue between $10M and $250M.  Sale leasebacks are a great tool as a financial alternative for middle market companies, especially at a time when it’s difficult to attract bank financing to run and grow their businesses.

Why do a Sale Leaseback?

Companies do sale leasebacks for a variety of reasons, but generally do so to use net proceeds of the transaction in order to reinvest in a corporate purpose that produces higher yields. Corporately occupied real estate typically commands a return of 6% to 10%. A company can receive a higher return from allocating its capital to other uses:

  • Acquiring another company or building
  • Expanding the company
  • Reducing debt
  • Stock repurchases

A sale leaseback is an excellent mechanism to raise capital to:

  • Replenish working capital
  • Buy-out a partner
  • Provide capital allowing a senior stakeholder to retire and structure an orderly transition to the next generation
  • Upgrade company infrastructures

Additionally, most companies aren’t in the business of owning real estate but need the access to land and office/retail/industrial buildings used in daily business operations.  Selling back the assets and maintaining operations on the site is becoming a popular method for companies to raise funds to grow their business.

Sale Leaseback Benefits

  • Monetize 100% of the fair market value of your real estate versus today’s 50% to 70% value limitations in mortgage financing.
  • No change in operational control of the real estate
  • Company controls the terms of the lease including rent, lease and renewal terms
  • Excellent source of alternate financing in today’s difficult credit environment
  • Alternative to debt financing for build-to-suit projects
  • Typically short transaction closing process
  • Enhances the company’s liquidity
  • Company raises inexpensive capital without giving up ownership interest

Why Choose Calkain?

Calkain Companies is a leader in advising its corporate clients in single tenant net lease and portfolio sale leaseback transactions.

  • Experienced sale leaseback team has closed over $1.2 Billion of both single asset as well as portfolio transactions
  • Jointly establish a strategic plan with company to maximize the value of the real estate consistent with corporate objectives, addressing critical provisions to be included in the lease
  • Extensive contact list of principals and advisors used to create a wide distribution of the offering to targeted potential investors
  • Strategically located offices with expert in-house teams provide strong local real estate market knowledge
  • Effectively manage the process, communicating when necessary with the client, but minimizing direct client involvement
  • Strong track record in closing transactions for both investment and noninvestment grade sellers which meet or exceed corporate objectives

Calkain has the technical knowledge and experience to structure a complex transaction and follow it through to a successful closing. We have been consistently able to obtain numerous offers from qualified investors resulting in successful executions on behalf of our clients.

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