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Mergers Re-Align Convenience-Store Rankings

M&As dominate the headlines for the convenience-store (C-Store) sector. For instance, 7-Eleven, offering everything from Big Gulps to gas (that is not a comment on their food offerings) now tops the list of stores by number since it bought some 1,000 units from Sunoco last year. With a AA-minus credit rating, 7-Eleven now operates 9200 shops.

Speedway comes in at #3, with 3900 stores, more than 1000 of which were picked up from Andeavor, and it boasts a BBB credit rating. (Interestingly, the transaction knocked Andeavor off the list entirely. It was #7 last year.) EG Group secured this year’s …

Amanda WillisMergers Re-Align Convenience-Store Rankings

Net Lease Report – C-Store Sector

We surveyed the Convenience Store (C-Store) sector and looked at high profile national tenants such as 7-Eleven, Wawa and Sheetz. We also considered some of the smaller regional chains like Cumberland Farms as well. In addition to these gas/market concepts there are also more traditional gas station convenience stores, such as Chevron or Valero. Even as the automotive sector slowly begins to transition to electric from gas we still see C-Stores as holding their value. We feel that they are well positioned for the sort of immediate need type of items that are for all intents and purposes are not …

Amanda WillisNet Lease Report – C-Store Sector

Client Avoids $2 Million Liability – 1031 Exchange Buyer

Tampa, FL – David Sobelman, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of Calkain Companies, has successfully completed another 1031 exchange for an exclusive client.  Sobelman ultimately saved the client roughly $2 million in potential capital gains taxes.   Sobelman was tasked with providing a stable, predictable and long-term income stream for a family who inherited an apartment building owned by the previous generation for over 50 years.  Upon the sale of the apartment building, the children wanted to use the IRS’s 1031 exchange tax code to allow them to defer their capital gains taxes with the purchase of other real estate …

Traci BidingerClient Avoids $2 Million Liability – 1031 Exchange Buyer