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A Marriage Made in Net Lease Heaven

Commerical Property Executive

In what is reportedly the largest banking merger in a decade, SunTrust and BB&T are joining forces in what they’re billing as a “marriage of equals.” When the $66 billion deal is complete, those equals will make up the sixth largest financial institution in the country.

As with all weddings (well, most), there will be added perks to look forward to. In this case, beyond whatever the merger might mean to bank customers and other stakeholders, these perks accrue indirectly to net lease investors. When the smoke clears, some 750 individual bank locations will be shuttered as the new entity …

Traci BidingerA Marriage Made in Net Lease Heaven

What Will Net Lease Look Like in 10 Years?


Two distinct types of changes are occurring in the net lease market, cyclical and fundamental. Cyclical change, as the name suggests, comes in cycles, is repeated and predictable, while fundamental change constantly progresses and alters the industry forever.…

Amanda WillisWhat Will Net Lease Look Like in 10 Years?

What Happened To Net Lease Over The Last Quarter?


Cap rates overall have seen an up-tick, but at a manageable pace, while core assets continue to trade at historically aggressive pricing

ap rates are beginning to move, the average cap rate for single tenant net lease (STNL) properties rose 17 basis points from Q1. The major driver of this movement was a change in the types of leases, with more double-net leases closing during Q2. The pharmacy and automotive sectors had the largest uptick in cap rate. This is the third straight quarter over quarter gain in average cap rate.…

Amanda WillisWhat Happened To Net Lease Over The Last Quarter?

Amazon’s HQ2 Impact On Net Lease


When Amazon announced they were looking to create a second headquarters, cities from all over North America scrabbled to put together an incentive package. “HQ2” will bring a $5-billion investment and create as many as 50,000 high paying jobs, both huge wins for any city.…

Traci BidingerAmazon’s HQ2 Impact On Net Lease