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Tenant Profile – Chipotle

Tenant Description

Starting operations in 1993 in Denver, CO, Chipotle has become a titan in the fast-casual sector. With more than 2,500 restaurants in current operation in multiple countries, Chipotle is a model for success in fast-casual. Chipotle staffs over 64,000 employees across all locations, showing they are a major player in the food industry and look to continue expanding, notably sharing that they plan to open 140-155 new restaurants by the end of 2019.…

Amanda WillisTenant Profile – Chipotle

Cap Rate Report Q2 2019

Q2 2019 Overview | Real Estate Fundamentals Drive Q2 Activity

It’s still a bit early to see the effect of the Federal Reserve’s recent rate decrease in the dynamics of the market. What we do know, however, is that further cuts will keep potential buyers and sellers looking for deals.…

Amanda WillisCap Rate Report Q2 2019