Triple Net Properties for Sale

With so many triple net properties for sale, you may be curious about purchasing one. At Calkain, we have a passion for the net lease market and want to help you purchase the right investment property.

Triple net properties for sale refer to single-tenant retail properties. This means the tenants who lease these properties are responsible handling insurance, taxes and maintenance duties. Futher more, as an investor in a triple net lease property, you would not be responsible for any expenses on the property as those expenses are the responsibility of the tenant on the lease. This makes investing in a Triple Net Lease Property a safe investment for your future.

What Are the Advantages of Triple Net Properties?

If you are looking for a strong investment opportunity, a triple net property would be a great choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantage of NNN properties for sale:

  • Stable Income: One of the most attractive advantages of investing in a triple net property is a stable cash flow. You can expect to receive income for a long duration of time, depending on the lease term.
  • No Management Responsibilities: When you own a triple net property, you do not have to worry about taking care of any property management duties. This includes: roof, structure, plumbing, electric, landscaping, etc. These responsibilities are allocated to the tenant occupying the building.
  • Available Financing: It is also typically easier to obtain financing for triple net properties for sale because they are stable assets. These properties are backed up by a tenant’s credit, so lenders know they are a good risk.
  • Low-Entry Price Point: Believe it or not, triple net properties are usually more affordable than other properties. In fact, it is possible to buy one of these properties for as low as $500,000.

If you have questions and want to learn more information about triple net properties for sale, you may want to contact Calkain at 703-787-4714.

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